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compliance with the GDPR

We provide comprehensive support in personal data protection.

GDPR compliance certificate

Build the image of an organisation that takes care of personal data

Long-term expert support, up-to-date knowledge

Stay up-to-date, get access to the latest information

Set of essential tools

Nine products adapted to the needs of small and medium-sized companies

Tools for your organisation

You can choose from three convenient subscription plans.

The subscription allows you to access the following tools:


GDPR-test. Simple online tool

Interactive questionnaire for any device. By answering a set of simple questions you can check your compliance with the GDPR.


GDPR-instruction. Personalised action plan

Detailed list of changes for implementation. Created based on the test you have completed. Allowing you to get full compliance with the GDPR.


GDPR-report. Information on compliance with regulations*

*according to the current interpretation of the law

Test results presented in the form of a report. This document helps you improve your knowledge on the GDPR. It includes tips and warnings.


GDPRpass-certificate. Document that confirms that your organisation takes care about personal data protection.

Document confirming that you have taken actions and the commitment of your organisation to the protection of personal data.


Monthly reports on changes in the service and the law

Monthly reporting by e-mail. Updated information on regulations and current interpretations. It contains a description of changes and news in the service.


Access to updated document database

Database of 10 documents for small and medium-sized companies. The documents facilitate the fulfillment of obligations resulting from the GDPR and help secure the organisation in legal terms.

Do you want to make sure that the data of your clients will not be stolen or shared?

Order a pentest to check the quality of your security measures.

Pentest – the process of performing a controlled attack on an ICT system

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